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The works you are about to see were created over half a lifetime. The presentation begins with my last completed series which are nudes in various media, created with a respect for German Expressionism.

I am currently creating large acrylic paintings which retain a sense of the figure imbued with the spirit of American Abstract Expressionism. I have also sculpted swirling forms out of steel and out of curved glass filled with florescent neon.

I am 65 years old, married with five children. I have been painting since adolescence.

My first painting, painted when I was seventeen, I gave to a girl of sixteen, who became my wife. I studied art in college and philosophy in graduate school. There I was most interested in grasping the nature of understanding the essence of ethics.

The art movements that most appeal to me are German Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism, though for a time I tried my hand at minimalism.

I work in all media, but I have never shown my works before or attempted to sell them.

My profession is psychiatry and in that capacity I have treated thousands of people over the past thirty years. I spend my day listening and trying to understand my patients so that I may offer them help. My average patient is between eighteen and forty years old. These are people building their lives based upon how they see themselves in the world and through the decisions they make. I try to help them find their true selves and to achieve their goals.

In my art work, I explore the beauty and pain of this time of life.

Almost all my recent work has been figurative. I have drawn and painted a series of nudes derived from black and white photographs, using acrylic, ink, charcoal, graphite and oil sticks on paper. I wish to evoke the sensuousness of the body while emphasizing the physical presence of my materials and their interplay across the surface of the field. I love the harmony of bright color and incisive line. The resulting picture is a celebration of the body and a record of the act of recreating it on paper. 

Each person is an individual and the art of treatment is to solve the riddle of the individual’s calamity. Similarly, in creating a work of art, I try to approach each work as an act of discovery. I tend to work in series as I explore a theme. Each time I approach the theme I may start with a different medium, or use a different color or tap into a different feeling. I often don’t know what I am trying to get at until I have finished and sense the fulfillment of my goal.

Since childhood I experience internal, vivid images that enter my mind’s eye either when I experience strong emotion or while drifting to sleep. These images are very bright, as if made of pure light, and I can see, simultaneously, their intricate details and the sense of the whole.  My paintings and sculptures are often influenced by these visions. In all my work, both in psychiatry and in art, I am interested in the human condition. I believe in approaching the human spirit with sincerity and honesty. I do not see a place for irony or sarcasm in art and so I feel at odds with current mainstream trends.

I believe in my art as the work of my own hands, in which I explore the properties of the materials I use as I try to convey my own sense of being. I believe that all art, created with sincerity must ultimately disclose the nature of the person creating it.

My work is informed by several cultural influences:

My heritage, which is Judaism, tells us to heal the world and make it whole.  My personal philosophy, Existentialism, asserts that we are only the sum of our acts and we must create ourselves. Humanism emphasizes the value of human life and creativity. Individualism underscores the need for each person to shape their own lives and feminism grants that right to women.

My country, which is America has provided the stage for generations of immigrants to reinvent themselves.

My political philosophy is that I believe in the form of government which interferes least in the affairs of its citizens, which least constricts its peoples choices, and which allows all the freedom to succeed or fail.

At this time my political thought is most alligned with Libertarianism, with the important provisions that human rights take priority over property rights and the right to life is more important than the right to bear arms. 


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